Dixie Gun Works 1860 Colt Revolver


Black Powder 44 Revolver

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Black Powder Colt Revolver

Pistol is a replica of the Colt 1860 Army Revolver.  This is a .44 caliber percussion revolver with a 7 3/4″ barrel. This replica differs some from an actual Colt 1860.

This is a black powder, muzzle loading arm; therefore, no FFL is necessary.  However, some states do require background checks.  Make sure you are aware of your state regulations before purchasing.

Pistol is sold as is.  While pistol appears to be in good shooting condition, we did not test fire it.  We strongly recommend you have a qualified gunsmith check it out before firing.

Please call Fred at 575-544-1276 for more information.



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