25% Sale Through Red Mountain Bunker

Red Mountain Bunker has summer sales going on right now at https://www.redmountainbunker.com/

We have all our hidden cameras and safety lights at reduced prices for a limited time (July 31, 2019).  Keep you and your family safe with these selected items.

We have hidden cameras that can be used as nanny cams, close up videos for vacations, or just for basic surveillance.  Our eye wear cameras have been really popular!    These high end cameras are great for indoor or outdoor activities.  They have a hidden camera built directly into the glasses.  They last 2-3 hour and come with a removable 16GB SD card and will store video footage that can be directly downloaded to your computer.  With a push of a button the camera will turn on and off and save the file.  Cameras come with everything needed to get you started.





We also have a variety of safety lights on sale for 25% off.  Our flashlights have been very popular at local gun shows.  They are inexpensive, rechargeable, and bright (500 and 1200 Lumen)!  They also can be used for self defense to temporarily blind an attacker.

We also have safety lights in different colors to choose from for you and your pet while walking or jogging on cool summer nights.  Shoe and arm band safety lights come in red, pink, blue, yellow, and white.  Don’t forgot about your furry friends.  Lights can be easily attached to collars or leashes.  If you are looking for bicycle lights, we have those too.

Hope everyone is having an enjoyable summer and staying safe out there.

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