What is a blow gun?

So, what is a blow gun?  A blow gun is a simple long narrow tube weapon that shoots objects.  Individuals place the projectile in the tube and force it out by blowing on the mouthpiece.

Indigenous Blow Gun

I personally never heard of a blow gun before I met my husband.  Blow guns actually have been around for centuries.  Many various indigenous people from South America, Southeast Asia, and Central America use blow guns.  They are used for hunting small game but rarely for defense.   Blow guns are typically made out of bamboo or out of two pieces of wood by carving half a bore on one side of each one and by binding them together.  Typical projectiles were made of bone or from slivers of bamboo.  The darts were often dipped in poison to have a quicker impact on prey.

Blow guns are also used recreationally and in competitions around the world.  A blow gun can  be a unique gift for a spouse or friend.  But, remember, a blow gun is not a toy.  It can seriously injure someone especially if using darts.


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