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All In One Cameras

Wifi cameras can be used to monitor pets, children and property while you are away.
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Dummy Cameras

They look like the real thing and discourage illegal activity like the real thing.
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Folding, Butterfly, Automatic, Disguised and Throwing Knives
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Safety Lights

From pet safety lights to self defense flashlights.
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telescopic steel batons

Gives you extended reach. Available in 12", 16", 21" and 26"
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Animal Repellents

Protection from aggressive animals with specially formulated pepper sprays.
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Gun Accessories

Holsters, AR Accessories and More
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Designed for striking and inflicting pain on an attacker.
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Security Scanners

Great for security at bars, nightclubs, schools, security guards and airports.
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Throwing Stars

Throwing stars are fun, but not toys. Many models to choose from.
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Discretely carry your firearm in style.
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Handguns come and go quick. Call us or come by to see what we have in stock.
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Mace Pepper Spray

The Mace brand pepper spray is the most well known. Many models to choose from.
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Self Defense Key Chains

These handy self defense keychains provide personal protection when needed.
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We have models for home or office and to wear on your person. All with built-in DVR.
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Long Guns

Rifles and Shotguns...Follow us on Facebook for more of what we have in stock
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Pepper Spray

Pepper spray irritates the eyes to cause a burning sensation, pain, and temporary blindness.
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Slingshots are used in a variety of ways for hunting and sports.
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Diversion Safes

These household hidden safes allow you to hide valuables in plain site.
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Home Alarms

Motion, window and glass breakage alarms for your home.
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Personal Alarms

Personal alarms are electronic devices carried or worn that can be used as safety alarm, panic alarm or medical alarm.
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Stun Guns

Stun guns are the most popular self defense choice next to pepper sprays.
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