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Our Mission

Our mission is to be your preferred gun store here in Deming, NM, providing you with exceptional services.


We are a small family owned business.  Fred, the owner, has spent spent 30 years working in emergency services as a paramedic in the hospital setting, on an ambulance, and on a helicopter.  He also spent time working for  NM Mounted Patrol.  He is all to familiar with daily tragedies that happen to families around the state and country; and this is one of the reasons he went into business for himself.  Pat, his wife and his personal secretary, is a retired special education teacher of 20 years.  Duane, Fred’s brother, helps with the business  as well.  He has extensive knowledge of firearms and is a gifted leather crafter.  He makes beautiful custom holsters and belts which are on display in our store.

Being a strong supporter of 2nd Amendment Rights, we believe everyone should have the ability and the tools they need to protect themselves, their families, and their property.  We also believe in the importance of gun safety and providing accurate information regarding responsible gun ownership.  Red Mountain Bunker offers a wide variety of products to meet individual needs designed for defense, hunting, and recreation.   


We are located in beautiful Deming, New Mexico in Luna County.  We are a brick and mortar store and keep various items in stock.  You can find us on Google Maps at 4760 Cochise Rd SW.

If you have any questions regarding products on Red Mountain Bunker, please call us at 1-575-544-7999.  You can also follow us on Facebook.

Thank you for shopping at Red Mountain Bunker!