Paintball Anyone? Try a Blowgun!

Looking to improve your paintball game? Well, here is a solution that is not only affordable but can improve your game with the best, most lightweight, and most silent gun out there. A blowgun can be a huge game changer. I know, really? But, think about it. Below I will give you 10 reasons why you should consider a blowgun.

#1 Light- It is compact and lightweight. They are typically made from high quality aircraft aluminum and weigh no more than a can of your favorite beer or soda.

#2 Covert- In the game, being quiet and sneaky is essential. Since there are no moving parts, there are no other noises that come from it other than your breath and the whack of the paintball hitting its target. Ha ha, bet you can’t find where that came from!

#3 Safe- It is the safest type of weapon whether used for paintball wars or hunting. It can’t simply “go off” on its own. It takes a blow of air from your lungs to turn it into a weapon. No more accidental shootings.

#4 Eco-friendly- They are environmentally friendly. There are no CO2 cartridges to buy or put in the local landfill. It is only powered by you as stated in #2.

#5 Accessories- You can add a quiver to carry all if not most of your paintballs. Just drop one down the tube and blow.

#6 Distance- Range is out of this world. The longer the barrel, the farther the projectile will travel. Objects can go up to 150 yards or more.

#7 Speed- Like range, the longer the barrel, the faster the projectile will travel. It increases exponentially with the length of the blowgun and can reach speeds of 450 feet per second. That will pack a punch!

#8 Secretive- Because it is so slender, it can be easily hidden in clothing. Surprise!

#9 Cost- Frankly, they are very inexpensive, costing as little as $9.00. Except for the cost of paintballs or accessories which are also inexpensive, you can play a lot paintball wars for really cheap. Really!

#10 Care and Maintenance- Since they don’t have any moving parts, clean-up is as easy as 123. You don’t have to replace parts as well.

What are you waiting for? Go gather up all your loose change and buy a paintball blowgun. Have fun and stay safe out there.

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