Does the way we move or carry ourselves contribute to being picked as a target?

It is true that most victims of mugging or other assaults contributed in some way to becoming a victim. For instance, walking down a dark alley or being alone in a parking lot can increase your chances of being a victim. Along with the obvious places we should avoid, the way we move may make us standout as a potential easy target.  In a study conducted in the North East, people were recorded walking down the street. These recordings were then taken into a prison and shown to convicts who had been convicted of assaults. They were asked to watch the videos and point out individuals that they might pick as a potential target. The individuals they picked were then studied. They looked at the length of the stride, gait, how they swung their legs and how the hips moved. Did they have their heads up or were they distracted in some way?   The perceived victims are non-synchronous or anti-synchronous within themselves. Instead of body parts working to complement each other, the potential victim’s body parts seem to move against each other. This is how potential victims and offenders have a silent communication between them that reveals the victim’s weakness or vulnerability much like how predators in the wild can pick out the weakest member of a herd.

It may be very difficult to train a person to change these traits within themselves but it’s not impossible. It’s also possible that being aware that you project these signs that you can elevate your level of awareness regarding your surroundings. You can also adjust how you prepare to protect yourself in the event that you are targeted. Have a plan in mind, play the “what if” game with yourself. If this should happen then I will do this or that. Have things to use to defend yourself with, like a taser, stun gun, or pepper spray. Then have them at the ready when you are in situations where you might need them at an instant. Know that if you spray your pepper spray you should back away and not walk into the fog causing yourself to be affected by your own spray. Make a quick note as to which way the wind is blowing so it doesn’t blow back in your face. Be aware of escape routes so you can run from your assailant.

There are many things to consider when it comes to your own safety. It’s too late to wish you had a form of defense when you’re faced with a person set on harming you. A small investment can tip the odds in your favor. Find something that you’re comfortable with and always have it with you.

Have a safe blessed day.


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