May Thrive Food Discounts

You’ve found the best quality freeze dried food in the world.

  • HEALTHIER  Vitamins and nutrients are locked in, so your food stays fresh.
  • TASTIER  Flavorful berries, peaches, and bell peppers as ripe as the day they were picked.
  • FRESHER  No mold or slimy mushrooms. Freeze dried food stays fresh without preservatives!
  • EASIER  No more washing, peeling, chopping, thawing..the list goes on. Bye, bye prep time.
  • WASTELESSIER  Maybe we’ll coin that. No more letting your food (and $) go to waste

Below you will find a link that goes straight to Thrive Life.  Here you can see exactly what is available, set up a subscription, find recipes, and learn more about Thrive Freeze Dried Food.

We do carry some products in our shop but not all products are available.  If you want to learn more about Thrive food you can also call Pat at 575-544-1276 or message me at  We thank you for supporting family owned businesses in Deming, NM.


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