Quick Draw Magnet


♦Excellent design: Different from other gun magnets, it can firmly hold the flat top of a handgun and is designed to load guns faster.

♦Mount anywhere: use in the vehicle, office, bedside, doorway, desk, or table.

Availability: 15 in stock


Contents: 1 Quick Gun Magnet Mount, 4 Long Screws and 4 Short Screws for Mounting

Innovative design that can firmly hold any flat top of hand gun:
Such as Glock Series, Springfield XD Series, Springfield XDM 45ACP, Springfield 911, Smith & Wesson 380, M&P Shield 9mm, M&P Shield .40, M&P Shield .45 ACP, Ruger ec9s, Ruger LCP, Ruger SR40, Taurus 9mm, HK VP9, Kahr P40, Sig SP2022 and so on.
(it will not fit All Sigs or 1911s)

Weight .3125 lbs


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