Stun Gun or Pepper Spray: Which is better?

Criminals don’t want you to fight back.  When it comes to self-defense you have many options and not all of them have to be lethal but they can hurt.  As to which is better, I will leave that up to your own personal preference and what you feel comfortable with.   Below is information regarding both, so you can make your own choice.

Pepper Spray

Imagine an intense burning sensation that just doesn’t go away.  That is exactly what you can expect from pepper spray.  It produces agonizing pain and can temporarily impair vision for an extended amount of time.  Its main component is oleoresin capisicum (OC) which is a derivative of pepper plants.  Pepper spray is an inflammatory agent that attacks the central nervous system.  It will cause involuntary eye closure, tearing, restricted breathing, choking, and coughing.  Burning sensation can last between 30-45 minutes and will be an experience that one will never forget.  


  • Immediate reaction
  • Easy to use and affordable
  • Small in size, easy to conceal
  • Provides protection from a distance
  • Non-toxic
  • Legal in all 50 states, however there are some restrictions in a few states (Check your local laws)


  • Be aware of possible blow back
  • Does expire
  • Need to practice


Stun Guns

Customers often confuse stun guns with tasers and vice-a-versa so I want to make sure you understand the difference.  Both provide an electric shock but tasers use a physical projectile to shoot the electric shock while a stun gun requires direct physical contact.  Many tasers can also be used as a stun gun providing a close physical shock as well.  Both will momentarily disable muscle control in an attacker.


  • Affordable
  • Small in size and easy to conceal in purse or pocket
  • Compressing the button/Activating stun gun can deter attacker when they hear the electrical cracking noise
  • Wide variety of models
  • If you use on an attacker that is touching you, you do not feel the electric shock.


  • Close proximity to attacker
  • Temporarily disables muscle control. So you need to get away quickly.
  • Legal to carry but in some states require extra steps to own and carry one like background checks so make sure you check with the laws in your state before you purchase one.


Here at Red Mountain Bunker we want to make sure our customers are informed about the products we carry.  Being able to defend yourself is a right that every American should have.  We carry lethal and non-lethal products.  How you defend yourself is a personal choice.

Feel free to leave comments or questions.

Thank you

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