Why is a security system important?

The reasons for a home security system are numerous. We use ours to monitor movement in and around the house. We can keep an eye on our pets with two cameras. We can see them in the main part of the house and in the garage. While we were on vacation we had hired a young man to feed and spend time with our pets. We could tell when he was there because the system would alert us that there was movement in the house. We would log into the system to make sure it was him, and we were able to communicate with him while he was there. We were several states away yet still connected with our home. If we had found anyone there that didn’t belong we could snap a picture and contact authorities.

With our outside cameras we are able to monitor the front drive and walk way leading to the front door. When packages are dropped off they can be seen. When we are home we know who is at the door before we open it. Other cameras monitor the rest of the yard and back door. It gives us peace of mind to be able to check on the house at any time and even if we aren’t watching the system is recording.

I have a friend who both her and her husband work out of town and are gone for a couple of days at a time. They have teen aged sons and use their system to check on them and to communicate. They have cameras all through the house except for the boys bedrooms. One evening when I was working with her she was helping her son with some homework using the security system. Now I know it’s possible to do the same with cell phones but her system serves as a back up to phones by using their wifi.

So lets look at commercial applications for businesses. Having a good system pays for its self by reducing theft. The cameras serve as a deterrent when would be thief’s are looking to take expensive items. By adding in a few decoy cameras with actual cameras they have noway of telling which are real and which are decoy.

At a hospital I worked in we had a person who was trying to find a way to sue us. She would find a place where she didn’t think anyone was watching. She would topple her walker over and then lay down beside it and start yelling for help. We would pick her up and take her to the ER. She would claim all sorts of pain and discomforts. After being examined and her prescription in hand she would leave. We would pull all of the security coverage that would clearly show what she had done. We would then file a police report and charge her for filing a false claim. Having the security system saved the hospital thousands of dollars in lawyer fees and possible paying other damages if not for the irrefutable evidence we had.

This is a short list of reasons to add a security monitoring system to your home or business. But the biggest reason I use them is to protect my family.

Have a safe blessed day.


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