Conceal Carry: Smith and Wesson M & P Shield 380 EZ

For me, finding a hand gun that I can fully operate and that was 100% dependable has been a huge challenge.  I do have a 9mm Hi-Point that I bought years ago that I absolutely love but it has a tendency of getting jammed.  So, I never carried it for personal defense.  I do have a small Ruger but locking the slide back is impossible and racking the slide can be difficult.  So, when I discovered the new M&P Shield 380 EZ, I was instantly in love with it.


What Makes It So Easy?

The M&P 380 Shield EZ was designed for easy use, loading, and cleaning.  Now, I would consider myself more of a novice while my husband being the expert in the family.  I can honestly say I feel very comfortable using, loading, and cleaning this firearm.  I can easily work the slide and lock/unlock the slide.  The magazine has an easy to load button which makes it easier to load rounds.  I am also able to take it apart easily so cleaning is a piece of cake but don’t tell my husband this.


I was amazed at how it felt the first time I took it out.  It felt like I was shooting my Ruger .22.  It had little kick which made it fun to shoot.  I didn’t have any problems with the trigger pull either.  Best of all, malfunction was not an issue with regular and defense ammo which made me feel confident that I could use it for self-defense.

I would agree with many reviews regarding accuracy.  It does seem to be more difficult to get shots grouped but not impossible.  And, hitting the large mass that we are taught to shoot in conceal carry classes was not a problem.  So again, I feel confident that I could use this gun for self-defense.

Final Thoughts

Like I said earlier, I am not a professional when it comes to firearms and never will claim to be but I do know what I like.   It is important to me to feel completely confident with a gun that I want to carry for conceal carry.  I do know that many people would prefer a 9mm or a 45 but I figure with the eight rounds and one in the chamber someone would have to be stupid to keep coming at me.  I am not that bad of a shot.  If you are looking for something with a bigger caliber, I also like the Mossberg MC1SC.

When shopping for a conceal carry firearm do your homework and talk to others before buying a gun.  Make sure you can operate it and it feels right in your hand.  If you are a novice like me, get assistance.  My husband and I always want our customers to feel good about their purchase before they leave our business.  If you can, shoot it before you buy it.  We offer this for our clients.  We also offer extra instruction for individuals that do not have much experience with firearms.  Safety is a huge concern for us.

The M & P Shield EZ does come with a variety of optional features so prices do vary depending on what you are looking for.  Prices typically are under $400.   Looking at reviews from those who know more than I do, it gets high marks.  This is one firearm that my husband and I will continue to keep in our inventory for personal use and for resale.

Pat Ruebush


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