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Looking for a way to hide money, jewelry, keys, etc. in plain sight?  Red Mountain Bunker has a variety of Diversion Safes to meet your needs.

During a break-in, a criminal spends as little time as possible in your home.  Their goal is to get in and out as quickly as possible with as much as they can FAST.  They don’t have time to look everywhere.  This is where a diversion safe can be used to hide those things you don’t want criminals to find.

A diversion safe protects and hides valuables in plain sight.   They come in various sizes and a variety, of what to look like, everyday products.

Features of a DIVERSION SAFE

These safes look like ordinary everyday objects.   It could be a coca-cola can, or a flower pot where you will have room enough to conceal your keys, money, or other valuable items.

A criminal will not see it as a valuable item while searching your home. They look like ordinary items found in your home.   Some are also compact in size so they are great for traveling.

Diversion safes are affordable.  You do not need to spend $50 or more dollars on them.   And because they are so affordable, you can have a variety of them for for extra security.


  • Look like ordinary everyday objects.  Criminals are more interested in locked cabinets or ordinary safes.
  • Affordable prices
  • Small so they don’t take up much space
  • Don’t have to remember a password or combination to open them
  • Easy to get to, don’t have to hide them


  • Not always waterproof
  • They could be possibly discovered

Types of Safes


Book Safe:   Probably one of the most popular.  The outer cover is made like a regular book and can be stored with other books.  You can hide a small pistol, keys, cash, or jewelry inside it.

Can/Cylinder Safe: Many of these come in popular drinks.  They can be hidden in your kitchen or other room in plain view.  Many  also come in common household cleaning products.

Rock Safe: These should always be placed in an environment where they typically would be seen and where they blend in easily.  Great way to hide an extra set of keys to a building.


Personal Care Products:  These would be great for traveling especially if you are staying in hotels.  Someone looking to take something valuable are more likely looking for the ring or money mistakenly left on nightstand or bathroom sink.

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