Life saved

I read an article where a lady used pepper spray to stop an attack. She was leaving a market in Milwaukee when she was attacked by a man and struck in the face fracturing her jaw. She had a key chain pepper spray and was able to find it and spray her attacker. It’s fortunate that she had it. Her assailant stopped and grabbed his face in pain giving her time to get away.

This incident points out the importance of always being aware of our surroundings. People today have many distractions. Just take a look around. People are always plugged in, looking at their phones, texting, listening to music with ear phones on. They can’t hear anyone approaching from behind. They aren’t paying attention to who is around. I was watching people leaving work from the hospital I worked at. Almost everyone was on their phones walking to their cars. These are the possible victims that muggers watch for. They are like any other predator searching for the weak or distracted.

When you’re walking down the street or headed out to your car in the parking lot, pay attention to who is walking around you. Look for anyone hanging around. Carry something to defend yourself with, and have it ready to use. A can of pepper spray in the bottom of your purse isn’t going to be much help. A mugger isn’t going to stand and wait while you look for it. If your wearing a jacket, have a taser, a stun gun, or a pepper spray in your pocket with your hand on it ready to deploy.

Some may say that’s being paranoid. I say which is better, being prepared to defend yourself or a dead or injured complaisant victim. Invest in your safety, keep it at the ready. Don’t be a victim.

Have a safe blessed day.

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