Volcano eruptions, floods, fire, drought. There are many natural and man made reasons that may cause you to have to survive in conditions that can be extreme. Depending on how well prepared you are may determine if surviving in those extreme conditions are life endangering or tolerable. Without the proper tools and gear you will find surviving very challenging and miserable. Everyone should have a survival kit or kits available. There are items you should have in a kit at home and a kit for the car. If you should find yourself having to face the elements, a shelter and material to build it will be needed. A sheet of plastic makes a good shelter to keep you dry or out of direct sun. In the desert the temperature from day and night can be extreme. Cold at night and very hot during the day. People have suffered from hypothermia even in the middle of summer. Something to start a fire to keep warm or cook and boil water should be another item at the top of the list.  Cordage will be very helpful. Para-cord can be used to build a shelter, tie a knife to a stick to build a spear, taken apart the strands inside can be used for sutures or fishing line. Clean safe drinking water is imperative. There won’t be any little bottles of drinking water. Water filtering and a container to carry water in is another important item. If your’re lost two items that kind of go together are a compass and signaling devise. It can be hard for rescue teams to spot individuals, being able to be heard will help them locate you.

This is a short list of items to include in a survival kit. You can find other items at Red Mountain Bunker to build a well rounded survival kit.

Have a safe blessed day.

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